District 30: The Maury Island Incident

May 5th, 2017 Posted by Production Spotlight 0 comments on “District 30: The Maury Island Incident”

“Maury Island received funding assistance through Washington Filmworks’ Innovation Lab. The support we received from Washington Filmworks was more than monetary – it was smart. We were both mentored and challenged in the application process and in the business of filmmaking. Washington Filmworks pushed us to be better, and there is no doubt that converting our award-winning short The Maury Island Incident to a web series now on Hulu, and having our film acknowledged by Resolution on the floor of the Washington State Senate for its contribution to our State’s history and popular culture, were both rooted in the Washington Filmworks Innovation Lab program. In hindsight, our many successes exist because there is a Film Office and a film industry in Washington. If we shutter film in Washington, we are hurting – even destroying – the small businesses that not only create jobs, but the type of small businesses that create and preserve our arts and cultural heritage.”

– Steve Edmiston, Writer and Producer, The Maury Island Incident