District 2: American Grit

November 21st, 2016 Posted by Production Spotlight 1 comment on “District 2: American Grit”

“Recently it was Bruno’s Family Restaurant & Bars pleasure to meet a small army of filmmakers in our town of Eatonville, WA. The crew of American Grit and its cast were an amazing group of individuals that embraced our small town in the foothill of Mt. Rainier as much as we embraced them. My fantastic team, and most of the town folk really enjoyed having the opportunity to not only serve these hard working people but spend their off time with them and many found jobs working with them. I am also on the board of the Chamber of Commerce and many of businesses benefited from having them here for the 2-3 months of production.

The grocery store, hotels, gas stations, restaurants and bars and the local lumber company saw record numbers for the time they were here as they depended on our town to furnish them with materials, places to stay and dine. The cast that we met were truly down to earth people and it was our pleasure to be here for them. Not only was having them in town a lot of fun, it also was an amazing boost to our local economy.”

— Jim Cross, Vice President, Bruno’s Family Restaurant & Bar, Inc.