District 20: A Bit of Bad Luck

January 3rd, 2017 Posted by Production Spotlight 0 comments on “District 20: A Bit of Bad Luck”

“With our high unemployment rate, their group of 60 or more brought much-needed dollars into our area. Businesses, from hot dog vendors to restaurants, theaters, motels, cabins, halls, and stores of all kinds benefited. The townspeople were filled with enthusiasm and loved being able to help out in any way. The news coverage we received brought visitors from out of our area, which, of course, brought tourism dollars to our doorstep. If, sometime in the future, we are lucky enough to be selected for the filming of another movie, our townspeople will welcome them the same as we did this group… with open arms!”

– Betty A. Hutchison, chair of the Morton Action Committee

“Our movie was shot in Seattle and Morton, and the locations were perfect for us to tell this story. The incentive made it possible for us to stay and film here in Washington. Without the incentive we would not have had the funds to complete the project, and just as important, there would not have been such talented crew available locally to support the production.”

– Gerrarda O’Beirne, Producer, A Bit of Bad Luck