District 21: 7 Minutes

November 21st, 2016 Posted by Production Spotlight 0 comments on “District 21: 7 Minutes”

“The production was based in Everett, where the combination of urban and rural settings made for a very attractive production center and central location. Everett city officials were incredibly helpful. With picturesque locations and solid film crews, the lure to shoot in the Pacific Northwest is strong, but it was the 30% incentive from Washington Filmworks that helped make an unbeatable case for filming in the state.”

‚Äď Rick Rosenthal, Producer, 7¬†Minutes

“It was a great experience and opportunity for the downtown Everett Holiday Inn. The cast and crew stayed with us for a little over two months and our team enjoyed having them. They became like family to the many that assisted them on a daily basis. 7¬†Minutes filming in the area was great business for the hotel as well as many other companies in Everett.¬† Since their stay, ¬†we have been fortunate to have had a commercial and TV show stay with us. ¬†We look forward to welcoming additional crews to our hotel. Our entire staff is now very knowledgeable of the needs of this industry.¬† We really know how to take good care of them.”

— Tina Beckstrom, Director of¬†Sales, Holiday Inn, Everett