District 27: Lucky Them

November 21st, 2016 Posted by Production Spotlight 0 comments on “District 27: Lucky Them”

“I’ve lived and worked in Seattle for sixteen years and there’s nothing I love more than being able to bring a production home. Because of our state’s Motion Picture Competitiveness Program, I have been able to shoot two features here in Washington that would have otherwise shot elsewhere: EDEN (New Mexico) and LUCKY THEM (New York.) This was a win-win–not only did the films spend millions of dollars in-state, employ hundreds of Washington residents and bring acclaim back to our artistic community, but our production, in turn, was able to utilize Washington’s diverse landscapes, incredible actors, crew members, vendors and city offices. In my years here, I have learned and grown as a filmmaker because of the nurturing of this community. There is a generosity of spirit here that is special and unique, and I hope to be able to make films in the Northwest for years to come.”

— Director Megan Griffiths