Faces of Film Katy Evans

May 31st, 2017 Posted by Faces of Film 0 comments on “Faces of Film Katy Evans”

“The future of film in Washington begins in local film clubs and camps. At The Grand Cinema, our youth work with professional filmmakers (some of whom volunteer their time to help out) to bring their own unique perspectives to the big screen. In the past four years, our students have made more than 50 short films. Through this process, they are empowered, and it’s obvious when they share in their filmmaker Q&As: ‘I can’t believe our movie actually came together! We really had to be patient and listen to each other.’ ‘I learned I wasn’t the only person in our group with good ideas.’ ‘Time management became so important—we had to know exactly what we were doing before we did it or it wouldn’t work out.’ ‘Sometimes it was crazy and frustrating, but in the end, we did an awesome job working together.’ These students are our future production crews, our future innovators, our future actors, directors, and producers. Our support and investment in them ensures their individual success and our own vibrant, growing creative economy.”

– Katy Evans, Assistant Executive Director at The Grand Cinema