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District 26: Heartthrob

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“Having grown up in Tacoma I have always wanted to come back and make a film in my hometown.  When I received the script for Heartthrob, I knew that was the project. I immediately turned to Washington Filmworks.  They were an invaluable resource providing me with a thorough knowledge of local vendors, film liaisons in various regions of the state, and even locations to actually shoot. They saved us a ton of time and introduced us to top-notch production personnel. We have a few other projects I’m thinking about taking to the Pacific Northwest and once again, they would be my first call.”

– Mark Myers, Producer, Heartthrob

The 2017 Legislative Session Launched 1/9: Learn How You Can Get Involved TODAY

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The legislative session opened on Monday, January 9.  This year is a longer session, 105 DAYS (at least), so it’s important that legislators continue to hear our message: that the incentive program keeps film – and dollars – here in Washington State. Look for specific calls to action during the course of this session, to receive updates via email please join our mailing list or check our blog regularly.

The bill to renew the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program is being drafted now and the details will be announced shortly.  But don’t wait for the bill info to get involved — here are FOUR WAYS you can get involved RIGHT NOW to help Keep Film in WA:



Did you know that for every dollar awarded in funding assistance, the approved incentive production generates an estimated $10 of economic activity in our statewide economy? That’s $10 of benefits for every $1 invested! Or that over the past three years, projects approved for funding assistance have spent money in every single legislative district in the state?

Read our Fact Sheet and arm yourself with valuable information to present to your legislator and the public about why it’s important to Keep Film In WA. And check out all the different ways you can learn to lobby to make your points the most effective they can be.

During the course of the session, we may issue calls to action that include contacting your legislator or district representative. Don’t know who your legislator is?

Find out here.


We are asking film professionals and supporters across the state to sign the 2017 Keep Film in WA petition encouraging elected officials to renew the production incentive program. We will use this petition on Film Day as another reminder to elected officials that film is important in Washington State!

Sign the petition here.


Last year we had over 200 Washington businesses sign onto our Business Letter of Support. Hearing from businesses and communities that are positively impacted by the incentive is what gets legislators’ attention! So, if you own a business (or work with a business) that supports the film industry, please sign onto our  NEW Business Letter of Support.

Business owners can sign onto the letter here.

***PLEASE NOTE that even if you signed onto the petition and/or the business letter of support last year, you MUST sign it again to be added to the 2017 letter.


Wow! The Keep Film in WA tee shirt (featuring our new logo) looks great! Purchase your tee shirt now to wear around town and at our 2017 Film Day! This year’s Film Day in Olympia is on March 13, 2017. Last year’s Film Day was a huge success, drawing over 300 film professionals and supporters that had the opportunity to meet with elected officials from their home districts. We have some really fun and innovative events planned for the day so stay tuned, and please join us for this year’s event – more information and how to RSVP will be posted soon.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email [email protected].

Thank you for your continued support –  let’s jump start the effort to KEEP FILM IN WA!

District 15: Little Secrets

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“Washington Filmworks was instrumental in helping me find the perfect location for my student film. As my script took place at a vineyard, I was interested in the areas of Yakima, Walla Walla and Richland. Washington Filmworks introduced me to film liaisons in all three cities and I was able to narrow it down to a vineyard in Yakima.  The experience was simply wonderful.  We connected with the community and felt welcomed and supported, plus we found great talent and were able to film in some of the most beautiful scenery Washington has to offer.”

– Romina Romero-Hermoso, Filmmaker and former student of Seattle Central College

District 37: 4 Minute Mile

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“We could shoot this script anywhere, but the production incentive was key to our decision-making process. We were actually one of the few that qualified for the California program, but between Washington’s competitive incentive, the talented crew, and the help of Washington Filmworks, we couldn’t resist coming to Seattle. We found a home here and I think we made a great film thanks to all that the area has to offer.”

– Deborah Moore, Producer, Four Minute Mile

District 4: Different Drummers

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Different Drummers would not be the movie it is without Washington Filmworks and it’s possible the movie would not have been made at all without the incentive. Because of the funding assistance, more than 60 people in Spokane had a full-time, family wage jobs on the film. The incentive allowed us to recruit the best cast and crew, to pay them higher wages, and fund a pension and health program. When you think about it, a project like Different Drummers pumps hundreds of thousands of dollars into an area – from hotel rooms, to restaurants, to gas stations, to car rentals. Money was spent in the local economy and many benefited.”

–  Marc Dahlstrom, Producer, Different Drummers

District 1: Safety Not Guaranteed

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“I can’t speak highly enough of my experience shooting in Washington State. The incentive was the main draw initially and then when I met and worked with our crew, I have to say that would be an equal draw in the future. Our cast and crew consisted almost entirely of locals and they couldn’t have been more capable, professional, or kind. The locations were perfect and the hotels, restaurants, and the city of Seattle in general were joys to experience.”

–  Stephanie Langhoff, Producer, Safety Not Guaranteed

District 5: You Can’t Win

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“Our film would not have been possible without financial assistance from our production state.  Despite the many talented people and wonderful locations found in the state, the producers would not have considered Washington had we not been approved for the production incentive program.  Fortunately, we found our way into the program, and our experience with Washington Filmworks was excellent.  From the application process through the final production and post-production records submission and audits, the communication and service was first class.  I have and will continue to recommend Washington as a place to make films, and I believe fellow independent filmmakers will give this recommendation significant consideration as long as the state’s financial incentives remain competitive.”

–  Robert Scarff, Producer, You Can’t Win

District 45: Seattle “Anthem” from Chase

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“The overall experience was extremely positive.  The quick turn around of the incentive combined with unique locations and knowledge crew were the determining factors in choosing the state of Washington for this project.”

– Supply & Demand, Production Company 

District 43: Samsung Commercial

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“I was impressed with the thinking that went into Commercialize Seattle. Washington Filmworks took a very unique and innovative approach to growing the local creative/production economy. I experienced first-hand just how impactful the program can be. Washington Filmworks and the incentive helped us beat out an Los Angeles production company for a large piece of Samsung business.”

– Alan Nay, Founder of World Famous

District 20: A Bit of Bad Luck

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“With our high unemployment rate, their group of 60 or more brought much-needed dollars into our area. Businesses, from hot dog vendors to restaurants, theaters, motels, cabins, halls, and stores of all kinds benefited. The townspeople were filled with enthusiasm and loved being able to help out in any way. The news coverage we received brought visitors from out of our area, which, of course, brought tourism dollars to our doorstep. If, sometime in the future, we are lucky enough to be selected for the filming of another movie, our townspeople will welcome them the same as we did this group… with open arms!”

– Betty A. Hutchison, chair of the Morton Action Committee

“Our movie was shot in Seattle and Morton, and the locations were perfect for us to tell this story. The incentive made it possible for us to stay and film here in Washington. Without the incentive we would not have had the funds to complete the project, and just as important, there would not have been such talented crew available locally to support the production.”

– Gerrarda O’Beirne, Producer, A Bit of Bad Luck