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Film Day 2023 Was a Success

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Film Day 2023 IS HERE

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Film Day meetings often continue to shift the day of the event. The most up to date information about meeting times will be posted on this spreadsheet. If one of your meeting times has changed, email us at [email protected], and we will send you the updated information. 
Before you meet, peruse these easy-to-digest resources that will help make your (Virtual) Film Day fun and EASY! 

How to Lobby: A quick one-pager with tips and tricks about what to do in your meeting. And if you’re uncomfortable with Zoom calls, check out this article that highlights 10 Tips for a Successful Video Conference. 

Bios for Your Elected Officials: Get to know your elected official before your meeting by reading their bios. 
Fact Sheet: Looking for a little bit more information about the bill to increase the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program? Check out our fact sheet about the bill and the program. 
Feedback Form: After each meeting, PLEASE fill out our feedback form so that we know if your elected official(s) support our industry. 
And just for fun, we created a Keep Film in WA virtual background for our Zoom calls. You can download it here. Don’t know how to upload a new virtual background? Check out the “User” section on this Zoom webpage for a step-by-step guide. 
We have assigned a meeting lead to attend every confirmed appointment. This individual will help facilitate introductions and keep the meeting on track. So no need to stress over not knowing everything about the bill or much about the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program. The program lead is there to help! 
If one or more of your elected officials were unable to confirm a meeting with constituents on Film Day. We would like to encourage you to spend 20 minutes today to write and call your Senator and Representatives to share your personal story. In your communication, tell them that you are a constituent in their district and why you think supporting the film industry is important.

Film Day 2023 is MONDAY

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Join us for (Virtual) Film Day on Monday, March 13, 2023. This annual advocacy day provides the industry an opportunity to talk to elected officials about how film supports gig workers and local businesses and how creative people contribute to the experiences that make our cities and towns a place where we want to live. At this year’s event we can also thank legislators for their support of the landmark legislation that passed during the 2022 legislative session which took funding for the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program from $3.5M a year to $15M.

All meetings with elected officials will take place via video conference which means you can advocate for our industry from the comfort of your own living room! If you’re not sure what to say to your legislators in your virtual meeting, check out this short video below for tips and to learn more about the day.

Have questions? Email us at [email protected]


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A Grand Time Was Had By All

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Time to Celebrate

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A “Dream Come True” for Washington’s Film Industry

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WE DID IT!! House and Senate Approve ESHB 1914

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We are thrilled to announce that today the House and Senate approved ESHB 1914 which increases funding for the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program to $15M a year. The bill also includes a number of other provisions that expand and strengthen the statewide film industry including: 

  • Additional incentives for projects filming in rural jurisdictions and for films that tell stories of marginalized communities  
  • Dedicated funding for workforce development for people from marginalized communities
  • Funding for small budget productions creatively driven by Washington residents
  • Extended sunset date of the program to 2030

Washington Filmworks would like to thank prime sponsors Representative Marcus Riccelli (D, 3) and Senator Lisa Wellman (D, 41) for their passion for the film industry and incredible leadership on the bill.  

The House vote was 96 yeas to 2 nays and the Senate vote was 45 yeas to 3 nays (with one person absent.) You can find who voted for the bill here. If your Senator and Representatives voted yes on the bill, please take 2 minutes and write them an email to thank them for their support.

Now that the bill has passed the House and Senate, the Governor must sign the bill into law no later than April 2, 2022.  

After the bill is signed into law, Washington Filmworks will be hosting community events to talk in more detail about what’s in the bill and the future of film in Washington State.  

Thank you to the community for your tireless advocacy efforts that made this all happen!  

Funding for MPCP Included in Conference Budget at $15M – BUT it ain’t over yet….

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We are pleased to share the breaking news that funding for the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program (MPCP) was included in the conference budget at $15M a year. The $15M annual allocation represents more than 4x the funding we currently have and inclusion in the budget indicates great support for the program by elected officials!  

In today’s Ways & Means hearing, the committee amended ESHB 1914 to an annual allocation of $15M and the conference budget that is negotiated by the House and Senate reflects this change and the amount may not be amended.

BUT it ain’t over yet…

Funding for the MPCP will only stay in place if ESHB 1914 is passed on the floor of both the Senate and House. Both votes in each chamber must happen before the end of the legislative session which is TOMORROW!

We are issuing an ALL CALL ACTION ALERT to write your Senator and two Representatives to ask them to VOTE YES ON ESHB 1914. In writing your elected officials, here’s what to ask:

  • Senator:  Ask them to vote Yes on the bill that was passed in the Ways & Mean Committee.   
  • Representatives: Ask them to vote to concur when ESHB 1914 makes it to the floor of the House.

Your communication can be short and sweet, 3-4 sentences tops!  Here is what we suggest you include: 

  1. Who you are and how you are affiliated with the film industry
  2. Why you think it’s important to pass ESHB 1914 
  3. Ask your elected officials to VOTE YES when it’s on the floor
  4. Thank them for their time and consideration

You can find contact information for your Senator and Representatives here. Don’t know your legislative district? You can find that info here.

This is an ALL CALL ACTION ALERT, please write to your Senator and Representatives today!  

Questions? Email us at [email protected]


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