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It Happened at the State Capital

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In our ongoing effort to keep the pressure on Olympia to include the film incentive in the final budget, we’re excited to publicly debut this year’s legislative movie poster! Elvis fans may note a striking resemblance to the poster for one of Washington State’s early claims to silver screen fame, It Happened at the World’s Fair. The difference? The starring roles on our posters go to the prime sponsors of the film bill, Randi Becker (2, R) and Marcus Riccelli (3, D). Look closer and you’ll see the credits are populated with many names of the legislators who’ve shown support for the bill. In Olympia, like in the film industry, it takes the commitment of a team to see a project through to completion. 

Earlier this month, the Keep Film in WA campaign hand delivered one of these posters to each and every legislator in Olympia! With our professional lobbying efforts hammering home the importance of the film bill, we thought we would add something new to the conversation with our legislative movie poster.


Help us by sharing this eye-grabber across social media, with friends and film supporters. And while you’re at it, please take a few minutes and share this image with your legislators and ask them to support the renewal of the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program, set to expire on June 30 of this year (just over a month from now).

It has been made clear to our campaign that the only way the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program will get included in the final budget is if constituents reach out to their elected officials. Please use this poster as a vehicle to do so today!

Faces of Film: Joseph Reding

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Welcome to the Keep Film in WA Series – The Faces of Film!

This series aims to shine a spotlight on the people behind the films of Washington State, using portraits of them at work to remind the public and legislators the lives (and livelihoods) that are at stake if the incentive program disappears on June 30. Along with each portrait, the cast or crew member will share in their own words the important role that the incentive has had in creating their career and why it is important to have a vibrant film industry in Washington State. We hope that these photographs serve as inspiration, and that you share your story with us ([email protected]) and social media (#keepfilminwa)—and most importantly with the elected officials that represent you in Olympia!

Name: Joe Reding 

Town/city: Spokane, Washington

Describe your work: I am the Key Set Production Assistant for Z Nation. I am in charge of the other PA’s on set. Our goal is to make sure everyone has what they need throughout the day in order for production to run smoothly. We are to inform the cast and crew information given by our directors and first AD. 

Why is Washington State a great place to film?

Washington is a great place because it has all the different geography you could ever want to shoot any feature film or television series whether that be forest, desert, or even the city. You also get true seasons to suite any weather the script calls for. It snows in the winter time, is hot in the summer, crisp in the fall, and warm and rainy in the spring.  

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do? About being on set?

Each day is never the same. You’re always having new experiences on set. My favorite thing on set is being able to see and be apart of how a film or television episode is made. People do not realize how may people it takes to make an episode. You can spend hours shooting a three minute scene and it takes 70 people to make sure that it is perfected. 

What would you like legislators to know about the incentive renewal?

This incentive basically creates jobs for people here in Spokane and the state.  The incentive is what brings films and shows into the state. Without the incentive, a lot of people will lose work.  If we do not get the incentive renewal, I fear for what I would have to do with my career. I want to stay in Washington. I want film to grow and more television series to be filmed here. I love Washington State!

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Photo Credit: Daniel Schaefer

House Lobby Day Cancelled on 5/17

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We learned today that House members will no longer be in Olympia on Wednesday, May 17th, so we have put our House Lobby Day on hold. Don’t despair though, there are still ways to act today!

The Keep Film in WA team is organizing a handful of meeting for key legislators. Do you live or work in one of our targeted districts?

District 3: Represents the heartland of the downtown Spokane area, extending to the North Side and South Hill.

District 38: Represents part of Snohomish County including Everett, Marysville and Tulalip.

District 47: Represents part of southeast King County including part of Kent, Covington and Auburn.

District 48: Represents part of King County including part of Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, and all of Medina, Clyde Hill, Yarrow Point and Hunts Point.

If you live in one of these districts and would like to participate in these very important meetings, please email Washington Filmworks Executive Director Amy Lillard at [email protected].

It has been made clear to the Keep Film in WA campaign that the only way the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program will get included in the final budget is if constituents reach out to their elected officials. If you aren’t in one of the districts listed above, don’t let that stop you. Please write and call your Senator and Representatives and ask that the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program get included in the final budget.

Faces of Film: Hummie Mann

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“I wear two hats as part of the film industry—I am a composer of film scores and I teach people to compose music for films. Even though I live in Seattle, my music is heard around the world. I made the choice to make Seattle my home and want to be able to maintain a creative career here. Through my teaching, I train tomorrow’s film and video composers. Many of them have to relocate after completing the training because there simply is not enough work locally, so I am behind any government efforts to help support and grow the Washington film industry so that more of our local talented individuals can make a living through making films.”

– Hummie Mann

District 30: The Maury Island Incident

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“Maury Island received funding assistance through Washington Filmworks’ Innovation Lab. The support we received from Washington Filmworks was more than monetary – it was smart. We were both mentored and challenged in the application process and in the business of filmmaking. Washington Filmworks pushed us to be better, and there is no doubt that converting our award-winning short The Maury Island Incident to a web series now on Hulu, and having our film acknowledged by Resolution on the floor of the Washington State Senate for its contribution to our State’s history and popular culture, were both rooted in the Washington Filmworks Innovation Lab program. In hindsight, our many successes exist because there is a Film Office and a film industry in Washington. If we shutter film in Washington, we are hurting – even destroying – the small businesses that not only create jobs, but the type of small businesses that create and preserve our arts and cultural heritage.”

– Steve Edmiston, Writer and Producer, The Maury Island Incident

Faces of Film: Melinda Raebyne

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“Washington state is blessed to have a very talented group of people in the film industry here, both those who work in front of the camera and behind it. However, if the state doesn’t get the much-needed incentive, these resources will go to other states that understand the importance of supporting the film industry. I recently finished shooting my short film that looks at mental trauma brought on by domestic violence. I would not have been able to make this film without the various sources of support that are currently available to me as a filmmaker in WA state, and because of this support I was also able to get some big businesses to donate to my film, one of which was Verizon.”

– Melinda Raebyne

District 33: M.O.P.Z.

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“We love to bring projects, like Adult Swim/Cartoon Network’s M.O.P.Z., to Washington to work with our talented local crew and share with them all that the state has to offer. It’s great that these kinds of projects get national distribution and we are so pleased that M.O.P.Z. brought director Todd Rohal back to the state for another production.”

– Lacey Leavitt, Executive Producer, M.O.P.Z.

District 34: Island Life

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“It was such fun having the producers of Island Life come to the Vashon Farmers Market. They deftly negotiated a busy market day full of customers, vendors and live music while putting together the shots they needed. I was impressed with both their technical skills and their adaptability to the constantly changing situation. For weeks after customers and vendors would comment on the experience and every one enjoyed seeing the episode when it was finished. What a gem for our small community. Thank you to Washington Film Works for helping make this happen.”

– Caleb Johns, Vashon Island Farmers Market Manager

District 24: OPI

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District 13: Box Walk

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Box Walk has started me down a path I’ve been wanting to go for a long time and I can’t thank Washington Filmworks enough for giving me the encouragement I so very desperately needed.”

– Tony Fulgham, Writer and Director, Box Walk