Keep the Film Office Open!

June 26th, 2017 Posted by blog 1 comment on “Keep the Film Office Open!”

With all the discussion of the film incentive, people often forget that if the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program goes away… so does the official State Film Office. In our latest Keep Film in WA infographic, not only do we highlight the direct dollars that the Film Office division brings to communities across the state ($7.2 million last year!), but we also give people a glimpse of all the production resources that live under the Film Office umbrella.

The State Film Office fulfills so many key functions throughout the filmmaking process, particularly early on. Productions will contact the State Film Office and explain what they’re looking for, and the Film Office will work to connect that production with all the necessary resources, here in Washington, aiming to meet the needs of both filmmakers and local communities in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Whether you’re looking to shoot a movie on a decommissioned Navy vessel or just trying to find a local camera operator, your first call is to the State Film Office. It operates and maintains databases of Washington State locations and crew, and because of this wealth of knowledge, it’s often the point of entry for productions looking to bring their production (and production dollars) to our state. Anyone who has worked on productions in Washington knows that the absence of this office would be deeply felt.

Call to Action:

The State Film Office is truly an unsung hero of our state’s film industry. Unless you’re a working member of the film community, you may not even know it exists, let alone understand the extent of its role in film production.

This infographic is a great educational piece about the State Film Office. Share it on social media to help spread the knowledge, and please take a moment to send it to your legislators to remind them what an important institution and invaluable public resource we stand to lose if the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program, which provides for the existence of the State Film Office, is allowed to expire on June 30.