Announcing Senate Bill 5502

January 26th, 2017 Posted by blog 0 comments on “Announcing Senate Bill 5502”

It’s been a busy week for the Keep Film in WA Campaign.  We are pleased to announce Senate Bill 5502 (SB 5502) has been introduced in the Senate.  SB 5502 mirrors the bill that was introduced in the House earlier this week. 

Prime sponsored by Senator Randi Becker (2, R), the bill maintains the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program at its current level of $3.5 million per calendar year with a sunset date of July 1, 2027.  The bill also allows for a one-time allocation of up to $3 million for a major motion picture production with a total budget of at least $20 million that portrays a significant historical event in Washington. If no such production is secured by July 1, 2019, the allocation will be returned to the general fund.

Similar to the House bill, the legislation is supported by a geographically diverse group of Republicans and Democrats. Keep Film in WA would like to thank the following sponsors:

  • Prime Sponsor Senator Randi Becker (2, R)
  • Senator David Frockt (46, D)
  • Senator Michael Baumgartner (6, R)
  • Senator Joe Fain (47, R)
  • Senator Christine Rolfes (23, D)
  • Senator Ann Rivers (18, R)
  • Senator Andy Billig¬†(D, 3)
  • Senator Hans Zeiger¬†(25, R)
  • Senator Jeannie Darneille¬†(27, D)
  • Senator Karen Keiser (33, D)

Call to Action:


Write your Senator and ask them to support SB 5502, the bill to maintain the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program.  If your Senator has sponsored the bill, thank them for their support. Don’t know who your legislators are? Find out here.


HB 1527, the companion bill in the House, is having a hearing tomorrow at 8:00 am in the House Finance Committee.  Join us in Olympia to sign in support of the bill.  More details can be found here.