Follow the Screens

May 16th, 2017 Posted by blog 0 comments on “Follow the Screens”

Just look around you and it’s hard to deny that screens have become a major presence in our lives. They’re around us in our homes, at school, and in the work place.¬†

And as¬†we continue to consume this content, it’s important that elected officials¬†take a step back and realize that content creation means job creation. Each piece of professionally produced content we¬†consume is the result of hours of work from a team of people¬†working behind the scenes: grips, gaffers, make up artists, actors, computer graphics artist, the list goes on. When¬†our major Washington-based businesses use content to tell their story, they need a talented cast and crew to support the effort, and it’s the goal of the Keep Film in WA campaign to keep this work local.

The Motion Picture Competitiveness Program ensures a steady stream of in-state film production, which allows Washington to maintain a rich pool of film industry talent in residence. More in-state talent means more in-state content creation and more investment in communities across the state.

Speaking of digital content creation, this video was created by the talented students and faculty at the Seattle Film Institute, and encourages our elected officials to ‚ÄúFollow The Screens‚ÄĚ to learn how content is part of our every day lives.

Call to Action:

Share this video across social media, and with your state legislators. Remind them that the enormous demand for digital content can and should mean jobs for in-state film production professionals, provided we do what it takes to support that industry. The Motion Picture Competitiveness Program (MPCP) keeps our talent local so that Washington businesses can create content right here at home!

Please send this public service announcement to your elected officials and ask them to help secure the future of state’s film industry by including the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program in the final budget.