Women in Film Speak Out

June 22nd, 2017 Posted by blog 0 comments on “Women in Film Speak Out”

Today The Stranger published a letter from some of Washington State’s most successful female filmmakers that was addressed to House Finance Chair Kristine Lytton (40, D). Because the film industry has not been able to meet face-to-face with Representative Lytton this legislative session, the letter is a very powerful and public plea to save the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program (MPCP). The letter reminds Representative Lytton that the MPCP has great support on both sides of the aisle and that organizations such as the Washington State Labor Council and the Association of Washington Businesses support its renewal.  

The bill to renew the MPCP is stuck in the House Finance Committee (despite the fact that more than half of the committee members are sponsors of the bill). The clock is ticking and we must work together to remind key budget negotiators that this bill has wide and unwavering support.  

Take this letter and share it with your elected officials and the following key budget negotiators. Ask them to include the MPCP in the final budget. The future of film in this state depends on it.  


Speaker Frank Chopp (43, D)
[email protected]
(360) 786-7920

Representative Pat Sullivan (47, D)
[email protected]
(360) 786-7858

Representative Kristine Lytton (40, D)
[email protected]
(360) 786-7800

Representative Larry Springer (45, D)
[email protected]
(360) 786-7822

Senator John Braun (20, R)
[email protected]
(360) 786-7638

Senator Randi Becker (2, R)
[email protected]
(360) 786-7602

Senator Kevin Ranker (40, D)
[email protected]
(360) 786-7678

Senator Jamie Pedersen (43, D)
[email protected]
(360) 786-7628

Senator Sharon Brown (8, R)
[email protected]
(360) 786-7614