“I Make…”: The Talent Behind Washington’s Film Industry

May 25th, 2017 Posted by blog 0 comments on ““I Make…”: The Talent Behind Washington’s Film Industry”

Keeping Washington State’s talented cast and crew local is critical to maintaining a vibrant motion picture industry.

In this PSA entitled I Make… get to know some of the skilled craftsmen and artists who are members of our incredible creative community, who make Washington home, and who make motion picture production a reality across the state.

Thanks again to the students and faculty of the Seattle Film Institute for their work in producing this public service announcement for the Keep Film in WA campaign. We are also grateful to all the people who appeared in front of the camera to lend a voice of support.

To hear more from Washington’s film community (including some of the fine folks who appear in this video), check out our Faces of Film profiles, where we go in depth with individuals about their experience working in Washington State and the critical role that the film incentive has had on their careers.

As a reminder, unless legislative action is taken, the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program will expire on June 30.

It is imperative that legislators continue to hear from you during the next 30 days so that we keep the film bill in the Olympia conversation.

Call to Action:

Make your voice heard. Please send this public service announcement to your elected officials.  Remind them of the importance of a vibrant cast and crew base in Washington State and ask them to help secure the future of state’s film industry by including the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program in the final budget.